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Tribunal Verdict: Nigeria Suffering From Systemic Crisis-Akin Osuntokun


Akin Osuntokun, who is the director general of the Peter Obi Presidential Campaign Organization, has said again that the Labour Party will go to the Supreme Court after the Presidential Election Tribunal ruled that Bola Tinubu won the election.

Additionally, he claimed that Nigeria’s judicial system had let down the nation.

In an interview with Rise News on Monday, Osuntokun said that the Labour Party thinks the election court made the wrong decision and that they are trying to get the party’s mandate back for Nigeria.

“The way I see it, we are in a systemic crisis,” she said. Nigeria is a failed state where corruption has permeated every aspect of the government, and we are coming to terms with that.

The politician then disproved claims that followers of the parties were directly to blame for threats made against judges. He said that they had nothing to do with them and that these people were angry because they didn’t trust the Nigerian court system.

“Allegations of corruption against the judges, whether they are made directly or indirectly, don’t have much support. We might question President Buhari’s methods, but when he sent security forces to the homes of Supreme Court judges a few years ago, they found a lot of money in different currencies.

“So to say that we are angry is a waste of righteous indignation, as if there is no reason for people to take that position against you.”

“The idea that Nigeria is a failed state and the most corrupt country in the world means that if a country is the most corrupt, why should it be hard to believe that the judiciary is also affected?”

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