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The Deadliest Cosmetic Procedure: Why You Should Avoid Bbl


Brazilian buttock lift (Bbl) is a cosmetic procedure that augments the size and shape of the buttocks without implants.

Women who are attracted to the size and shape of their posterior, more often than not, turn to the Bbl cosmetic procedure, which is one quick way to achieve a desired buttock size or shape.

Bbl is a cosmetic procedure that involves taking fat from one part of the body—typically the belly, waist, hips, or thighs—and injecting it back into the buttocks.

The number of people who undergo the procedure annually since its introduction has increased at an incredible rate, thanks in part to the exposure it receives on social media and in popular culture.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) predicts that over 60,000 people will have received the procedure in 2021, a 37% increase from the previous year.

This surgical procedure, which may have its roots in South America, has gained popularity over time as women from all social groups, including high-profile celebrities, undergo it.

Young women from all socioeconomic backgrounds—rich, poor, black, white, celebrities, and non-celebrities—have adopted this practice, to the point where they travel abroad in search of low-cost Bbl packages.


Why You May Want It


Unquestionably, someone who has had a Bbl procedure will look voluptuous and attractive.

Also, the effects of Bbl are quite natural, which is one of the key advantages that has helped it gain popularity.

Natural fat has been pumped into the buttocks. The fat that is extracted from one area of your body and injected into your buttocks will look and feel natural when you move, unlike an implant that could look distorted and unnatural.

Bbl also produces body contouring, which draws attention to the body’s natural curves. The advanced procedure can also be specifically adapted to each person’s preferences; while some prefer a gigantic butt, others prefer a mid-sized, shapely butt. You can get the desired butt size and form with the help of the process. However, the reward of having your dream buttocks is dwarfed by the risks involved in carrying out the operation.


Risks Involved


Indeed, a nice-looking curvaceous shape attracts the opposite sex and can boost your confidence. It is no doubt appealing to the sense of sight, and the flaunting of sexy behinds is a common trend in this time and age. But even if it seems to be worth the effort, time, and money invested in carrying out this procedure, it is still pertinent to know that the procedure is an elective one and is regarded as the deadliest cosmetic surgery in the world today, despite the fact that not enough people seem to talk about it.

According to projections, approximately 3% of Bbl procedures performed globally result in fatal complications, a mortality rate that is significantly higher than that of any other cosmetic procedure.

Among the risks associated with Bbl are blood clots, heart issues, and fat embolisms.

Popular ‘Botched’ star Dr. Terry Dubrow explains the peril of Bbl in an interview with TMZ:


“It is extraordinarily dangerous; it turns out it’s the most dangerous not only plastic surgery procedure, it’s the most dangerous operation there is with the highest fatality rate, and I will tell you why. You take fat from one part of your body, typically the abdomen, process it, and inject it into the buttocks. Sounds easy, right? The problem is that there are these little veins in the body that lead directly to the vena cava, which is the major blood vessel that brings blood back from your body to your heart and your lungs. If you get fat in those little vessels and it gets in the main vena cava, it goes to your lungs, and it’s over! It’s the most fatal operation there is, and I will advise that there are other ways to get a full buttock aside from that.”




The decision to have a surgical procedure with a high death rate is irrational. When there is a completely risk-free alternative available, it is advisable not to consider undertaking a mission on cosmetic grounds that has a 1% chance of being fatal.

Exercise is a better substitute for Bbl, as it is shown to be 100% effective and has no chance of ending one’s life. If you are so desperately in need of a sexy physique, it is advised that you hit the gym, which would not only offer you the ideal size and form you desire but would also lead to an ideal, long-lasting, healthy existence.

The risks of Bbl clearly exceed the benefits, and both the professionals who profit from it and the desperate patients who are willing to risk their lives to get a bigger butt have utterly stifled any discussion of the reality of this lethal surgical operation.



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