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Keke Driver Returns N15 Million Lost by Passenger in Kano


In an extraordinary display of honesty and integrity, a 22-year-old tricycle (locally known as ‘Keke’) driver named Auwalu Salisu in Kano, Nigeria, returned a staggering sum of ₦15 million that was inadvertently left behind by a passenger.

The passenger, who hailed from the Republic of Chad, had come to Nigeria with the intention of purchasing goods. The money, which amounted to ₦15 million when converted, was comprised of 10.130 million CFA and ₦2.9 million.

Salisu discovered the money after the passenger had disembarked from his tricycle. Upon hearing a radio announcement about the missing money, he immediately took steps to return it. Despite facing economic hardships at home, Salisu and his family did not entertain the thought of keeping the money.

This commendable act has been met with widespread praise, serving as a shining example of honesty and integrity. It is a heartening reminder that even in times of hardship, the values of honesty and integrity remain paramount.

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