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Empowering Nigerians Future: The Path To Economic Success, Stability And Progress -By Nafisa Ismail Sadiq

In Nigeria, our quest for a better future goes beyond mere pamphlets and temporary solution. It is time to focus on long term strategies that will propel our nation toward economic stability and progress. This article steps into the crucial needs of Nigerians and proposes practical solutions that will attract global attention.
Economic stability through smart panels of subsidy reforms rather than relying on short term palliative, we advocate for a smart subsidy reforms targeted reduction in food items price and subsidies can significantly impact the cost of living for Nigerians today.
However, if reducing subsidies prove infeasible, then the government should consider increasing civilian and workers salaries to create an equitable balance for the situation at hand.
Addressing the fuel price issue, the removal of fuel subsidies has had a profound impact on the lives of Nigerians. To alleviate this burden, we implore the government to explore other alternatives to the matter on ground, such as encouraging investment in renewable energy sources and promoting energy efficiency to stabilize fuel prices and protect citizens from economic hardship or volatility.
Fostering economic growth and job creation for qualified graduates in Nigeria. A vital aspect of solving Nigerians economic challenges lies in promoting business growth and job creation. By fostering an enabling environment for business to flourish or thrive more job opportunities will emerge, leading to an increase in purchasing power and economic growth in the whole nation.
 Investing in education, skill development and increasing the wages/ salaries of teachers. As a student, I understand the challenges we face on a daily basis, the key solution lies in investing in education and teachers considering the situation at hand our teachers are not paid well and this are people who will breed our tomorrow leaders so they are to be priorities and put in to consideration. Skill development is very important in Nigeria today by empowering our youth with relevant skills, that will sustain them we can create more productive and employable work force , which will result in increasing wages and improving the standards of living for all Nigerians.
In conclusion, Nigerians path to progress involve strategic planning and a commitment to addressing the core needs of its citizen to propel. Strick action would not solve the situation of Nigeria, but we appeal to our government to prioritize economic stability, sustainable subsidy reforms, investment in education, job creation and skill development. Together, we can transform our nation into a thriving prosperous and progressive land, free from the shackles of corruption. Let us stand united and work toward a brighter future. We all know the puzzle is hard to solve , let all work together and strive for better Nigeria today.
Nafisa Ismail Sadiq writes from Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Communication, Bayero University, Kano
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