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Country Love: Stop Tearing Down & Start Building Up -By Ismaheel Taofeeq Adisa


We’re all familiar with the phrase “love it or leave it.” But how about this one? “Love it and build it.” It’s an idea we should all get behind, especially when it comes to our country.

Whether you’re a patriot born and raised in the United States, a proud Canadian, or a British subject trying to keep calm despite Brexit, you can make a difference in your nation’s development by simply being an active citizen.

Stop tearing down and start building up. That can mean anything from writing letters to your representatives or taking part in local initiatives like neighborhood cleanups. In this article, we’ll explore why loving your country is so important and the amazing power individuals have in nation building.

The Role of Citizens in Nation Building

As citizens, we can all play an important role in nation building. The most important thing we can do is to respect each other’s different points of view and work together to build a better future. Instead of tearing down, we should be looking for ways to build up and make our society stronger.

We can start by forming meaningful connections with others in our community and beyond. We can listen to their stories, share our own experiences, and get involved with local initiatives that build bridges instead of walls. We can also use our skills and knowledge to help those who are most vulnerable in need of assistance or mentorship.

On top of that, we can promote civic engagement by encouraging everyone to vote in local elections and express themselves through public forums or campaigns for positive change. By being active participants in shaping our society’s future, we are doing everything we can to create a better future for generations to come.

The Power of Selfless Service

Do you want to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem? Then it’s time to stop tearing down your country and start building it up. Selfless service is the power that brings this about.

When you serve your nation selflessly, you become a powerful force for good. You can create a safe and healthy environment for everyone to live in. You can mentor a young person or help those who are less fortunate than yourself. Not only will your effort benefit others, but it will help you reach your highest potential as well.

Most importantly, selfless service allows citizens to be more engaged with the issues that matter most to their countrymen and women. People who give back do more than just benefit individuals in their communities—they also help promote a positive public discourse about important issues, like poverty and education reform.
Simply put, when you replace hatred with love—when you take a vow to serve others—you become an agent of positive change in your community and nation at large. So don’t just stand on the sidelines; take action! Change starts with a single step forward in selfless service to your nation.

Principles to Live by for Nation Building

If you’re serious about nation building, there are three important principles to live by. Your country is like a puzzle that can be built up over time, and all of us have the power to contribute, if we work together.

Listen before judgment

It’s essential to listen with an open mind before making judgements. Understand different points of view, weigh them up and focus on solutions. We need to have constructive debates and conversations, not ones that tear down our national unity.

Respect differences

Show respect for different opinions, beliefs and cultures. We don’t all have to agree on the same thing—we can still learn and grow from a diversity of ideas and experiences.

Embrace collaboration

Collaboration is key if we’re going to make changes for the betterment of our country. Find ways to work together with others who share your values and vision, so you can all join forces to create a brighter future for your nation as a whole.
By committing to these three principles in your daily life, you can build up pride in yourself, your community, and your country—and ultimately help create a better world for everyone around you.

Step Up, Speak Up & Stand for Your Community

It’s time to stop tearing down and start building up. We all have a responsibility to our communities and our countries, so take the chance to do your part. Step up, speak up, and stand for your community! Here are some ways you can do it:

Stay Informed, Get Involved

Staying informed on current events and developments affecting the nation gives you an idea of what issues to get involved in. Get involved in relevant conversations, meetings and initiatives that support nation building.

Volunteer & Support Organizations

Invest your time and resources in organizations that are actively helping build a better future for the country. Whether it’s donating money or volunteering your time, every little bit helps bring positive change.

Advocate for Change

Raising awareness about important issues is key in making sure changes occur for the better. Speak out about causes you believe in so that others can join in too! Start a petition or protest peacefully – whatever it takes to make sure your voice is heard by those in power.
By taking these steps to step up, speak up, and stand for your community, we can make a difference together towards nation-building – one of love and dedication!

Simple Things Everyone Can Do for Nation Building

You know what? As a citizen, there are simple everyday things that you and I can do to contribute to nation building. We don’t need a lot of money, or power — but we do need the will and determination to make our country a better place.


An educated and informed nation is key for sustainable growth and progress. We all have the ability to use our privilege of being educated to pass knowledge on to those who are not privileged in the same way, or who do not have the same access to education.

Remove Negativity

Negative attitudes put others down and make them feel discouraged about their country. Unfortunately, negative attitudes can quickly spread like wildfire. That’s why it’s important for us to be cognizant of how our words and thoughts impact others, and why we should stay away from speaking poorly about our nation publicly or online.

Encourage Unity

We can all come together under one banner regardless of where we come from or what our backgrounds are because we’re all brought together by being citizens of this nation. It’s important that we remember that united we build a stronger nation instead of tearing it apart. So make sure you emphasize unity in yourself, your family, friends and community at large.

Show Appreciation

Show your appreciation for the country by taking part in activities that benefit it— start an initiative in your city or volunteer with local organizations doing great work for society – get involved! Thanking those who serve the country is also important — whether that’s members of the military, teachers or fire fighters— show them your appreciation whenever you can!

Taking Responsibility – From the Ground Up to the Top Down

We all have to take responsibility when it comes to helping our countries reach their potential. That may mean doing the hard work of helping to build up institutions and making sure they are working properly, but it also means taking a long hard look at the ways we talk about our countries.
One of the most important ways we can take responsibility is by being mindful of how we talk about our country. Instead of tearing it down and criticizing, why not focus on building it up? You might be surprised to see how speaking positively can make a difference in how you view things.

Speak Up

When you hear someone talking negatively about your country, don’t be afraid to speak up and challenge them on their views. If we are more aware and engaged in the conversation, then we have a better chance at bringing people together for positive change.

Embrace Constructive Criticism

It’s also important that we learn to embrace constructive criticism when it comes from respected sources. This can help us identify areas where there is room for improvement and inspire meaningful progress.

Learn From Others

Finally, we should learn from others who have taken a lead role in nation building in their own countries. We can draw inspiration from these models and use the best practices they’ve implemented in our own nations.
Taking responsibility doesn’t always come naturally, but if we all make an effort to build up instead of tear down, then we will be on the right track towards creating prosperous societies.


So next time you feel like tearing down your country, remember to take a pause and consider how you can build it up instead. We have a finite time on this earth, and it is best served by investing your energy into creating something lasting and meaningful. Build bridges, invest in relationships, and create something that can bring about real and lasting change.

Let’s all strive to lift each other up, rather than tear each other down, in our efforts to make our country more prosperous and equitable. Do it for your own future, as well as for the future of your family and all your fellow citizens. Together, we can create a better tomorrow – one where our collective love of country unites us rather than divides us.


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