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Whispers of a Brief Romance -By Ola Wande


I met a woman by the name of Yulia (not a real name). Unquestionably, there was a connection between us from the moments that we had conversations and met. We had no idea that our lives were about to change drastically.

We fell in love quickly after meeting, starting a whirlwind romance within two weeks. Through our hangouts and countless hours of phone calls and video chats, our connection seemed to be almost nonpareil. We had deep discussions in which we discussed our ideas, aspirations, and worries. It was a link of minds and spirits, not merely a connection of the heart.

As we journeyed through our newfound love, I burnt many bridges and focused on Yulia, we embarked on a path of personal growth and self-improvement. I became Yulia’s biggest fan, and we were one another’s relentless source of inspiration. Together, we began learning new hobbies, following interests that made us happy, and pushing ourselves to improve our individual qualities.

We started to see a future together as our dreams started aligning. We talked about creating a family, skilling up, travelling, and our desire to support each other in every aspect of life. Yulia frequently remarked on how perfect our connection felt and occasionally teased that I seemed too good to be true, but she wanted more obvious assurance. She wanted me to push myself a bit further and demonstrate my suitability for her and show that I would be man enough to manage our lives in the future. For me, I wanted to relish every moment, progress gently, and allow our love to blossom naturally.

As time went on, I had a sneaking notion that Yulia’s family did not seem to be in support of our relationship. It appeared as though they had someone else in mind for her who met their requirements. I had a suspicion that this realisation weighed heavily on Yulia and it started to colour her perceptions of us. She suddenly grew aloof and disconnected. Her enthusiasm waned, lost interest in me and began contrasting me with other men she knew. We started arguing, it went on for days, and soon we stopped communicating altogether. Even though I was imperfect and did my best to maintain a very healthy relationship, the pain of our separation felt light, as I didn’t experience much guilt, but it felt like a crushing blow after only three months of what seemed like a lifetime of love.

In the aftermath, I made an effort to understand what had transpired. I wondered if the foundation we had laid together had been compromised by external pressures or if it was based on a pseudo-solid. I clung to the hope that real love would overcome all difficulties despite my pain. I hoped that one day Yulia would find the clarity she needed and realize that our connection was worth fighting for.

I knew what I wanted and I did my best to give her what she wanted, but regardless, the worst happened impulsively. I was really exhilarated and continually saw a new life throughout the little period we were in love with each other. It was one of the best times of my entire life. A lot happened in less than three months, and as my life and connection with God improved, I became more responsible and organised. At one point, I thought I was in a movie since everything was happening fast and simultaneously.

One of the most interesting things that happened, was when I met her aunt’s family. I was welcomed with food and hospitality, and the husband especially showed his kind gesture by giving me a bottle of finely-brewed wine. We laughed and watched a Chelsea FC match together while nattering about other things like business, public affairs, and careers. Another escapade I enjoyed was our meets, where we constantly had opportunities to show off wholesome romantic gestures and take plenty of photos; we took over a thousand shots and video clips in less than 90 days and would exchange them at the end of each adventure. In addition, I found my lost love for writing once again as I frequently wrote many things from formal letters to love poetry to blog posts and more. I also did some technical writing because we were both tech-savvy and planned to work as tech experts in the future.

Time passed and my life went on, but I’m not sure why I healed so quickly. Perhaps due to the mutual understanding of the split, the absence of a damaging process, or the briefness of the relationship. Whatever the circumstances, I can say that I’m no longer bound to maintain the romance and fun of the relationship, and I’m once again enjoying my freedom as a single person. Well, I can use this experience as a lesson for my future love life. A bittersweet reminder of what might have been, the memories of Yulia and our brief romance lingered in the recesses of my heart.

As for Yulia, I may never know if my presumption of her family’s wishes were explicitly accurate, or if she simply sought solace in another’s arms. But we both gained wisdom from our time spent together, insights that would shape our futures and direct us in the direction of the love and happiness we deserved.

Sometimes, love comes quickly and goes just as abruptly. And at times, the pain of a broken heart can spur surprising growth and bravery. As the epoch of my relationship with Yulia came to an end, I opened myself up to the future, confident that somewhere out there awaited my real love—a love that would be patient, solid, and built on a foundation that would withstand any storm.

Written by Ola Wande

Based on a true life story.


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