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Olabode Afurewaju: This Is Why I Am Petitioning The Abuja Environment Protection Board To Keep Abuja Motor Parks Clean -By Ebenezar Wikina


The Abuja Environment Protection Board (AEPB) is saddled with the responsibility of preserving and restoring all ecological processes to pre-impact status for the preservation of biodiversity. Municipal liquid and solid waste collection, and disposal/sanitation management services, including connections of plots to the central sewer line, are among the services the board renders to FCT residents.

Generally, residents of the FCT are expected to cooperate and participate fully in AEPB’s efforts at carrying out these functions and are specifically to comply with all rules and regulations guiding best practices in environmental management. Additionally, AEPB offers pollution control and environmental health fumigations and vector control services and ensures protection and improvement of air, water, land, forest, and wildlife in the ecology of the FCT.

In light of these duties and responsibilities of the Abuja Environment Protection Board, I would like to bring the attention of Engr. Osi Braimah, Director, AEPB to the fact that the Federal Capital Territory is currently losing its ‘clean and green’ status. Residents are slowly taking on a bad habit of littering – especially in our motor parks – and this has negative consequences for our health and environment.

As a resident of Abuja, I have been bothered about this issue for a long time. Having recently completed the We Create Change program by Nguvu Collective and, I was inspired to start a campaign seeking to address this issue on the 1st of June 2023.

My campaign ask is simple; I am recommending a few motor parks within the F.C.T. such as Area 1 motor pack, Berger motor pack, Area three motor pack, Utako motor park and Nyanya motor park for a cursory inspection by the AEPB Team to witness the poor system of waste collection and management.

After this investigation is carried out, I’ll like to crave the Board’s indulgence to take action by providing at least one waste receptacle in the above-mentioned motor parks, for a start, to help with waste collection and management.

I also want to encourage Abuja residents to treat the streets and motor parks of Abuja as you would treat your living room. This is our capital city and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the first impression foreigners and investors get about our country is one that is welcoming and clean. We must work together with AEPB to keep Abuja clean and green, and the best time to start is now.

Please sign my petition to bring this issue to the attention of the Abuja Environment Protection Board, and also share it across your networks.


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