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No WWE Draft no problem: Bron Breakker is embracing the bad in NXT


When the WWE Draft rolled around, and Paul “Triple H” Levesque let it be known that select NXT starts were going to be eligible for the proceedings, fans tabbed one performer above all others as a natural fit to hear his name called and take his assignment to either RAW or SmackDown: Bron Breakker.

On paper, it made perfect sense; Breakker was coming off of an NXT World Championship loss to Carmelo Hayes at Stand and Deliver after almost a year with the title, and with nothing much left to accomplish in the promotion, he could seamlessly move on from a rematch loss to “Him” at Battleground into a new role as a performer on either the Red or Blue brand.

… except that didn’t happen; Breakker, now fully a heel, stuck around in NXT and has since made it his mission to put a beating on, well, pretty much anyone who gets in his way, with everyone from Trick Williams, to Ilja Dragunov, to Andre Chase taking the sort of spears that make one’s soul briefly leave their body and their family beg them to consider a career change.

Speaking with Peter Rosenberg on the Cheap Heat podcast about his 2023 WE Draft experience, Breakker noted he isn’t too broken up about having to stay in developmental, as his new heel persona has really unlocked something special that was previously absent from his professional wrestling character.

“No, there’s no disappointment or anything. Being a heel now is the best thing that I’ve done. I’m having so much fun. It’s more natural for me,” Breakker said via Fightful. “This is just such a better version of me, you know? I’m having the time of my life right now. I’m not worried about whether I’m going up or getting drafted. That’s not something I worry about or think about. You know, when my time comes, it’ll come. That’s it.”

Asked if there are areas of his “game” that could improve moving forward, Breakker noted that, in his opinion, everything could improve as one can’t get stagnant in professional wrestling or any sport really.

“Oh, absolutely. I mean, I think my entire overall package can be improved. I don’t think I can ever stop improving,” Breakker said. “Some aspects of the game, it’s just going to take time, take reps, take –just being a seasoned athlete. Just those reps, night after night after night on the road. That’s when some of these things come, and I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Was Breakker a natural babyface? Yes; much like his father and uncle during their early WWF days, it was cool to see the second-generation Steiner come out in the colorful singlets and throw his body around while the fans cheered him on. Still, seeing the one-time Baltimore Raven work in all black while trashing the audience with his words and trashing the other members of the NXT roster with his actions has been fun to see too, leading one to believe the 25-year-old may truly be a professional wrestling prodigy.

Bron Breakker believes he’s a natural heel.

Discussing his heel turn on Busted Open Radio, Bron Breakker again noted that to him, being a heel just comes naturally, as he can just loosen up and call everyone pieces of garbage instead of having to hold back and be a good babyface.

“I think this is just more natural for me, to be honest with you. It just fits me a whole lot better. I don’t have to be a character or get into character. This is more natural and who I am. I’m having a lot of fun,” Breakker said. “When I was the NXT Champion, towards the end of the long run that I had, people started to turn on me and change their tune when I came out. It’s tough. I felt reserved, like I’m holding this back. I can’t really describe it. Finally, I was like, ‘screw it. I’m done caring what these people think of me, whether they like me, whether they don’t, I’m going to do whatever I want, and that’s it.'”

If, just for argument’s sake, Breakker does get called up to the main roster soon, maybe after his match with Seth Rollins at NXT Gold Rush, what will his character look like? Will he bring back the blue, pink, and green singlets and embrace being a face favorite face, or will he instead keep up his current heel schtick despite not having the pre-existing relationship with the fans that makes his run work so well in NXT? Either way, with each passing month, it becomes more and more apparent that Breakker is going to be a long-time fixture of the WWE main roster; how his story starts, though relevant, is only the beginning of a much longer narrative that will certainly feature both heel and face runs.

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