EA responds to Madden 24s new controversial Patrick Mahomes dive pass


EA Tiburon has provided a detailed overview of the on-field changes that players can expect in Madden NFL 24, set to be released in August. While you can find more information about these changes in a separate article, one notable aspect highlighted in the team’s recent blog post is the divisive reception to the Patrick Mahomes dive pass.

Addressing this specific play showcased in the trailer, inspired by Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ daring attempt in Super Bowl 55, the Madden team aimed to incorporate famous moments like this into the game. However, it appears that the dive pass has received significant criticism. Despite instructions not to share impressions or footage from the ongoing Madden 24 beta, some players have taken to social media to express their frustrations. Concerns range from the animation being applied to other quarterbacks, the lack of accuracy drop-off, to simply figuring out how to activate it.

Madden 24 has shown to already have a lot of red flags in the past, but this just aggregates it even more.

Acknowledging the feedback, EA Tiburon has started an open discussion about the dive pass and hinted at a forthcoming patch to fine-tune the feature. While no official announcements have been made, it seems likely that adjustments will be made in response to the community’s response.

“While rare, the dive pass can lead to exciting moments for top-tier stars like Patrick Mahomes. Players can attempt a dive pass when rolling out to the sideline and throwing down the field (short or medium throws) with a defender closely trailing. Our team is able to tweak and tailor these throws to ensure they only happen in proper situations,” EA Tiburon says.

Traditionally, EA releases a patch following the beta period to address common complaints and implement player suggestions. This patch will undoubtedly apply to the main game when Madden 24 releases on August 18. However, it remains uncertain if any additional patches will be released during the beta, which is scheduled to conclude on June 28. It is likely that the dive pass animation will be adjusted to occur less frequently, but the complete details are yet to be disclosed.

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