Bob Huggins daughter comes to his defense after DUI & West Virginia basketball resignation


West Virginia basketball is now looking for a replacement after the Bob Huggins debacle. The basketball coach was charged with Driving Under the Influence and stepped down from his position. Jacque Huggins, his daughter, came to his defense days after the incident.

Coach Bob Huggins resigned from West Virginia basketball. Jacque Huggins could not help but explain why her dad did not deserve the hate he received through a Facebook post.

“My dad is not an alcoholic, he drinks like 90% of us do and made a mistake that cost him his job, reputation, and his livelihood. Which he didn’t deserve. He told Gordon and his board that he would go to rehab for a 60-day stint to be able to stay for these guys. The guys who don’t want to play for anyone else. That’s how much he cares,” said Bob Huggins’ daughter.

The West Virginia basketball coach had a 0.21% BAC test during his arrest. Jacque Huggins expressed how her dad gave everything to the team.

“He so badly wants WV to be able to get the health care they deserve, and he always has wanted everyone to feel important and included. He’s raw, real, and relatable, and would be the first person to have anyone’s back he cares about. The most genuine, loyal man I’ve ever met. He wanted nothing more than to bring a National Championship back for the people of WV. And I will stand by him until the end, no matter what, because he deserves that,” Jacque Huggins said.

Coach Huggy Bear has a team and a supportive family right behind him despite the incident.

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