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Alex Coras eye-opening take will reignite Red Sox-Yankees rivalry


The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry is historic. Dating back to the beginnings of baseball, these two teams have seemingly had bad blood with each other. The Curse of the Bambino, which came after Babe Ruth was traded from Boston to New York, has been a major talking point in this rivalry since it began. However, the rivalry hasn’t felt as present in recent years. Perhaps, Red Sox manager Alex Cora’s recent comments will reignite it, per Jen McCaffrey, via Talkin’ Baseball.

“I think it’s too much sometimes. Back-to-back Sunday night games, with all due respect to ESPN, come on,” Cora said about the Yankees. “There’s other teams out there and people want to watch them.”

Cora’s comments are rather eye-opening. Big market teams, like the Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Red Sox for that matter, have long been favored by media outlets such as ESPN. Cora believes other teams deserve more games, however. Perhaps his comments will spice up future Yankees-Red Sox contests.

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Is it still a rivalry?

Yankees, Red Sox

Nestor Cortes of the Yankees recently made waves by dropping a brutally honest take on the rivalry with Boston.

“It doesn’t feel like what we have with Tampa now, or with Toronto now,” Cortes said, via Jake Mintz of Fox Sports. “You could argue that [the Red Sox] haven’t been who they really are the last couple years.”

The fans still consider it a rivalry for the most part. In order for the Yankees-Red Sox clashes to regain their fire from past years though, the players/managers need to be on board. That begins with both teams being competitive, which is where the Red Sox are currently lacking.

This will always be a historic rivalry, but right now it doesn’t feel the same.

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